Descended from Stephen Hopkins and Thomas Rogers.

I am a third generation Californian, and have been active in genealogy for about 35 years. I studied photography, graphic design, computer science, business administration, and screenplay writing in college. I am also the webmaster of this site as well as number of others that include

The Association of Descendents of Ralph Smith of Hingham and Eastham Massachusetts.

The coat of arms on display here are a few that I am related too. My Smith/Smyth line is through Ralph who came over in 1633, and his children and grand children married Mayflower descendents. His wife is said to be Elizabeth Hobart the daughter of Edmund. My great grandmother (Jennie) was the daughter of Thomas Burgess from Nova Scotia, and she had Scottish heritage from the Mcgraw/Macrae Clan who where in the 42 Highlander Black Watch during the American Revolution. They later settled in New Brunswick. My great great grandmother (Anna) was the daughter of Amasa Billings, and her mother was an Adams related to President John Adams. Amasa was descended from the Holy Roman Emporer Charlemagne through Sir John D'arcy. My 6X greatgrandmother was born Nancy Vrooman. The Vroomans came from Holland in the 1650's and lived in the Mowhawk Valley. My 9X greatgrandmother was Mercy Snow (her mother was Margaret Elkins), and my 8X was Freelove Kibbe.

On my mother's side (Antoinette)is the Frazzini and Iacovetta families that I have dated back to the 1200's under the flag of Charles I. near Isernia, Molise, Italy. They lived in an ancient Samnite town just to the North which took on the name San Pietro Avellana around the year 1000 AD. The Samnites predate the Romans who founded Rome in Sabine territory and later merged with them. Original Roman blood lines are roughly 3/4 Sabine/Samnite dating after the merger around the middle of 700's.BC.




To put things in perspective remember that with each generation your number of grandparents doubles. So when I go back to Ralph we are talking about 4096 grandparents in 12 generations. Charlemagne goes back to the 700s AD in 28 generations.

My relation to the Howlands is through my 11th great grandmother Mary Young who's mother was Abigail Howland. Her husband John Young is said by some to be descended from the Tudors which includes King Henry VII. This is unproven, but fun to think about. The Tudor coat of arms was on John Youngs will in the year 1697.